Bonnie asks about liver detox- horse / bute

Do you have a liver detox for a horse that has had to have lots of Bute?

Hello Bonnie…

Our RED CAL product is not only our recommended "natural" salt/mineral/electrolyte supplement-
(NO Blocks/Rocks!!!) but an excellent liver "detox-inator" due to its Montmorrilionite Clay ingredeint
In fact we also have a people product called REDOXX that contains it as well- and like RED CAL,
it is multi-beneficial— helping keep the liver clean and so much more.

Both are products that no horse or person should be without!

See: What To Feed Your Horse? and

Also for your horse, I suggest our Joint Check product. You see while it is an excellent "Joint"
product, it also is loaded with antioxidants that are going to support the body's detoxing and
provide other healthy support.

Thanks for asking Bonnie!

Dr. Dan

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