Terry asks about natural feed for his horses…

Dr. Dan:  We totally agree with you that as we check our feed bag labels, we see corn hulls, etc that are not good for our horses.  We change feed when we see the labels change but your so right that we depend on brand names.  I want to switch my horses over to natural feed.  I have concerns.  I have one mare that is heavier w/cresty neck but has been in good health – about 9 yrs. old.  Another teenager mare in great body shape.  One big gelding about 17 hands that seems to need more than the others to keep his weight up and he's about 6 and a cribber which I'm trying to break that habit.  Recently I took in a teenager gelding from a client who needed him to have a new home.  I was not told that he had founder issues and his feet were horrible. He was used to grass & I don't have grass and even though I feed him alot of timothy & orchard grass hay w/some clover, he has lost weight in top line and butt area not to mention some rib area.  I am told he needs a carb diet.  I had his feet x-rayed and took out all the grown soles which were a mess and it was difficult getting his feet back to good health but with shoes & pads, he's doing better now.  But I want suggestions on what I should feed.  Also, for flies, I used Equitrol & Equimen supplements.  Some suggestions please.  I do not have pasture grass paddocks.

Hello Terry,

My Feed For Success program based on feeding oats and supplementing with 3 main products
( http://www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com ) is good for all horses. The Weight Check Oil that is part of the program is great for all weight issues wheter on or off and the "Hi Magnesium version of our free-choice fed RED CAL (no salt/mineral rocks/blocks) is something I think no horse should be without. The Hi-Magnesium version of RED CAL is more suited for cresty necks etc. We do have a Critical Care product for founder but I would at least start the other aspects before moving up to this. If you need to see other qurestion/answers about founder you can check here:
https://askdrdan.com/HOME/?s=founder (there are several pages to browse though using the 'Older Posts link at the bottom of each)

Equitol is a chemical and would never use. Our BUG CHECK ( BuyBugCheck.com )has been providing tremendous results for over a decade and almost a year ago it was at the All Tech world games that we introduced the new Bug Check with All Tech's probitoics…. making a product that was already more than just a "bug" product full of goodness like grape seed and more…. making it even more full of natural goodness and economical enough to provide all year long regardless of bugs/flies etc.

I hope this helps answer your questions and I appreciate you asking.

Please don't miss all the articles (Perfect Pastures" is a good one) and the other audios/videos to help even more.

Keep me posted and thanks again,

Dr. Dan

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