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Message: Hello, I am now feed pellet grain 10% from Nutrena and have been for about 7 yrs.  My horse is 10 and I have a 6yr old mini. They get about one cup of grain in the morning and that is it.  Only reason I feed the grain is because I feed suppliments. I give them Probois, electrolytes, and Source in the morning with the grain. So now I am considering giving the oats in place of my grain which I thought would be better the the grain.  The oats I will be thinking of getting are rolled oats. my question is :  my friends are saying that oats are straight starch and straight startch isn't good for them -I was wondering what ur concept was on that comment since u also recommend oats. al though I would love to purchase your "just add oats" but I can not afford to purchase since my hubby has had a severe accident and is disabled so I thought the oats would be better than the grain – do u agree?  and am I taking away nutriention from them removing the grain from them?  I feed Orchard grass hay of usually very good quality  thanks for you time on this

Like you know already I prefer oats— lowest starch of all grains and contain no hydrogenated fats like in commercial feed. I also have to add that if my suggested program of feed and supplements are followed than the other supplements you are providing won't be needed. There are videos and audios on the "What To Feed Your Horse" link that you may want to share with those others. Also, every mention of Oats at AskDrDan.com starts here: https://askdrdan.com/HOME/?s=Oats (use the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of each page to scroll thru them all and see https://askdrdan.com/HOME/?s=Oats&paged=2 , https://askdrdan.com/HOME/?s=Oats&paged=3 etc. )

Thanks for asking Janice.

Dr. Dan

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