Sandy asks this for her 15year-old Springer Spaniel…

Hi Dr. Dan,  I have a 15yo, M, Springer Spaniel.  Healthy for the most part, can still walk 3 miles about 2x/wk and he swims in our pool daily and can get out himself..  He is hard of sight, probably peripheral seeing around edges only and very hard of hearing.  We are managing him with Dasuquin with MSM and he eats Taste of the Wild for seniors food ~1C. 2x/day based on how hungry he is but eats his food well. He has perfectly normal urine and bowel.  Have 4yo, F one as well that helps keep him "young".  

The question I have is regarding his belly area, hind quarters and occasionally on his back, mostly in the winter (we live in Sacramento, CA with arid dry summer and wet winter), he has these dry irritated patches that are moist, flakey spots.  We shave his belly hair close to skin about 1x/mo and this seems to help their severity and some spots clear up.  They don't bleed except right after shaving but they itch him of course.  We keep him short hair all over as well.  My mom has been a customer of yours for her horses for the past 4+ years and she recommended I contact you for possible advice.  We have taken him to vet and they seem to arrest with antibiotics but we don't want to put him on chronic medication because of his aging organs and it just doesn't feel like the right decision.  He hasn't been on antibiotics for this for over 2 yrs, and it was never chronically given.  The condition began when he was around 12yo.  

I appreciate your thoughts and if you have an idea of what this could be and how to reverse this condition or any other suggestions for his senior care, I would love to hear.    

Have a great day! 🙂   Sandy B.

Hello Sandy,

(Tell your mom hello).

I would help the body discharge the junk probably in the system (even from meds long ago and some of today's commercial feed and other factors) and boost the immune system. I'm not real familiar with the feed, but I use and trust a brand called Innova- if interested they have a website that will provide info and locations. I would for sure provide our Aller Check product to support the immune system and support cleaning up junk and would alos suggest our Omega Check oil (essential fatty acids etc.) that will do so much including helping support the skin (largest organ) and coat. We also have a product called Joint Check that is much more than just a joint product as it contains all the rich antioxidants of our Health Check product but with added joint support ingredients— both products that we have for horses that your mom may have used, but these formulated for the pets in our lives.

I do think these would be beneficial. Keep me posted.

Thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan

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