Kay asks about horse's stringhalt / laminitis

Dear Dr. Moore….

I recently acquired a horse that  apparently was buterd up for the sale, and now has (almost symptoms of laminitis, which the farrier is going to correct with pads and shoes…he ahs also showed signs of mild Stringhalt.  I know that the laminitis can be controlled by diet, and am wondering which products of yours would help him?  He is a 16H big heavily muscled horse…..I  also think I have read reports of some cases of Stringhalt that responded to diet, and I believe that natural remedies would help….which of your products would you reccomend?  He also was given a 5-way vaccination just before loading into the trailer for a 24 hour trip….

thank you so much  
Kay T.

Hello Kay.

I know that you'll get this horse on the right track.

First if not done so yet, please visit FeedForSuccess.com (a.k.a WhatToFeedYourHorse.com !) and see my recommended program and supplements that make up this foundation to build upon. I also have an a laminitis article in my magalog you can see at www.DrDanMag.com gives you a couple of viewing options and it is info you will enjoy. Now depending on what/how you want to feed- our RED CAL product is one that no horse should be without— provided free-choice all they want all the time— NO salt/mineral rocks/blocks. You'll see more about this on the "What To Feed Your Horse" link.

Now for added support I would also supplement with our Joint Check product- which besides the "joint" ingredients the horse will get a great antioxidant product as well to help get and keep the junk out of the system to help with the challenges by laminitis/stringhalt.

Here is a recent post you may take something from:

Now, I also have a product called Critical Care "Laminitis Formula" that is pricey but nothing else like it, especially consider if the horse is in lots of pain.

Lastly, I always suggest that one consider contacting a chiropractor for such.

Do keep me posted Kay and thanks for asking and considering our products.

Dr. Dan