Sara asks about supplementing/feeding her mare with allergies…

Hello Dr. Moore~ I have a 9yr old appy PMU mare that has suffered from severe allergies for the past 3 years. at one point they were even life threating. Per the vet. she in now on a complete grain only, yet still suffers daily. She suffers from hives from head to hoof and is itchy to the point she rubs herself raw, ithcy watery eyes..after reading your articles on allergies and feeding oats with supplements I will be changing her to oats and putting her back on hay, but I'm not sure what supplements to use..  bugcheck, red cal and omega coat are on my list. but would you suggest anything else..


Thanks so much for taking the time for your horse to explore the info on on our sites- you are on the right track.

Just follow the program to a "T" at  being sure to not only include the Just Add Oats supplement and Weight Check Oil, but being sure to provide RED CAL free-choice all they want all the time. And be sure to remove and salt/mineral blocks and rocks from premises.

Your horse will be well served in having Bug Check provided… keep in mind that it is much more than just a 'bug" product and I recommend it be provided year-round regardless—- its just so economical and full of goodness- really no reason not too.

Now along with this you may probably should add Health Check to help support detoxing all past "junk" in the system.  The Aller Check would also support the immune system— all to help the body discharge the junk from its system.

Thanks again so much- appreciate your support and having you on board Sara.


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