Deanna asks about horse not sweating enough with exercise…

Dr. Dan, Our 6 y/o halflinger pony is having a little bit of trouble with not sweating enough with exercise.  He is already on JAO/Red Cal/WCO/Bug Check every day and we are only riding him at dawn or the coolest part of the day.  Aside from that, our regular vet suggested One AC to help him sweat better.

Can you recommend a natural alternative to the One AC for anhidrosis?  As always, thanks for your advice!  Deanna

Hi Deanna,

I'm sure you already are—- but be sure RED CAL is available free-choice at all times. Now, as with the competition horses etc. I do suggest our "HYDRAID" supplement that will definitely make them drink more water and help with this.

keep me posted and thanks for asking!

Hydraid - 4 lb

Adds In Hydration Plus Fortified with Vitamins, Minerals, Direct Fed Microbials
Feed alone or top dress onto feed 1 tablespoon. Use before, during and after events (race, show, endurance)

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