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Can you give me any advice on a PSSM horse that is on your feed program for one year'
thanks .. Pam

Hi Pam. Is this something recently diagnosed? Any other info would be helpful.

No she has not officially been diagnosed, I almost lost her a couple years ago when a vet said she was EPM and to just let her die.

So I had her tested and found to be negative EPM

Then i brought her home and started checking around and she had all the symptoms of pssm so I put her on 4 cups rice bran and two cups corn oil with beet pulp, and she got a lot better then I found your products and she is on the program and is doing great, but she does get crampy in her hind gut and she is hard to ride due to not wanting to move.

I fed he immune support by silver lining and now she is "cinchy" again right under the girth area, she almost falls down if i chinch her up snugly ,

I have to do it fairly loose at first walk then make it tighter. been reading a lot about the PSSM horses and that they now have test dna for type one but not two and i dont want to do the muscle biopsy.

Often i think she is about to colic and it seems if i get some electrolytes in her and she drinks she comes right out of it.

What i notice is she gets muscle spasms in her abdomen.

She looks great on your products—- before them she was so skinny i thought she was going to die. now she is a bit fat.

The rice bran and oil did get the weight on but i was worried she would founder with so much.

Now i feed her 1/2 # oats soaked overnight in water then add your stuff — all three and then some electrolytes during hot weather.

She gets alfalfa am and pm and she gets bermuda noon and orchard grass pm.

I am thinking of cutting the alfalfa back and more orchard grass.

Hope i did not bore you to death and i am just learning about all this thanks for any help.

My suggestions based on what you have said here would be to definitely cut out the alfalfa..not needed. You mention "adding electrolytes" but if you are providing RED CAL free-choice all the time so that it is available to them to eat what they need when they need it— there is no better source of electrolytes IMO, this is an important part of the program or even regardless if one is on the "program".

Also, I do not ever suggest rice bran. It may pull calcium out of the bones .. just provide more Weight Check Oil than the recommended maintenance amount- (which won't put on weight and will help lose if needed too) if need extra weight ..

I've stated often and ity has been my opinion for a long time that Beet Pulp is no good to say the least. Again, in my opinion it just sucks nutrition right out of the gut…

I would provide our Health Check for detox of liver etc and for ideal immune support our Aller Check supplement.

I'm glad that you are enjoying the results from where you were before and hope you'll consider my suggestions for further support. Again, be sure RED CAL is provided free-choice all the time.

Thanks for asking- keep me posted.

Reference: http://www.FeedForSuccess.?com/

I will get the RED CAL in there free-choice and see what happens, She did do a whole bucket of Health Check 6 months ago we finished it, is that something she should have all the time? thank you for answering my questions….pam

Health Check all the time for the antioxidants etc. is a support item that yes I would recommend all the time. The feeding program is the foundation and then Health or Joint Check (Joint has what Health has but has added ingredients for joint support— making it more than just a joint product) and Bug Check are the next support products I recommend for a basic daily regimen. Thanks for asking!