Meet Our "Biggest" Fan… Babe The OX!

Let me introduce you to probably our "biggest" fan…
 2400 pound, "Babe The Ox"...
  (Loving RED CAL and BUG CHECK!)

 The best thing about when I am able to personally attend events across the country is meeting all the great people as was the case when I met Vera Stanley.
 Vera is affectionately know as "Paula Bunyan" and travels with her "Babe The Ox" telling as she say, "Tall Tales" while also providing Bovine Education. They also own "Scout" their one-year old orphan calf and you will be blessed by Scout's presence as well.
 I was happy to receive a letter from her after they started using RED CAL and BUG CHECK for their bovine thanking us for what she called, "Great Products". She also told me that that "Babe" has never looked better and has especially never been more comfortable with not fighting bugs/flies.
 As many of the labels state on our products- they're not just for horses and are used by many for cattle/bovine, alpacas, donkeys, sheep and others.
So, while one of the large fast-food chicken stores (The "eat more chikin" one) celebrated "Cow Appreciation Day" on Friday, we wanted honor all bovine and cattle this weekend with "Babe The Ox Appreciation Weekend"!
 I appreciate hearing from all of you and please feel free to drop me a note and you just might get your own appreciation weekend!
 Thanks so much and God Bless,

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 Dr. Dan

Vera and Babe The Ox

For more information about Vera and "Babe" you can see more at
 From that website… "If you would like Babe to come visit you, she lives in Burbank, Ohio at the Stanley Homestead, but she loves to travel.  She is ideal for fairs, rodeos, and any event.  Babe’s phone number is 330-624-8832 or Babe’s cell phone is 330-421-9318.  Ask for Babe’s social secretary, Vera, as Babe could be out kicking up her heels."

Salt or Mineral Blocks or Rocks are USELESS!

"Did you know that most commercial salt and minerals are either "man made" or some other industry's waste product? Unlike these, ours is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants; it's balanced by nature not by man! Did you know that blocks for cattle, and even horses and others for that matter, are almost useless and potentially dangerous! They just can't get what they need, when they need it, fast enough by trying to lick or chew from a block! When the weather changes sudden imbalances in the grass can occur. Animals must be able to get what they need when they need it! Period!"

Literally thousands of tons have been provided to tens of thousands of horses for over a a decade!
RED CAL is mined from sources of Ancient Sea Beds across America and is "Mother Nature's" source of loose organic salt and minerals NOT man's chemical, kiln dried, hard useless blocks or rocks.  The organic material from these ancient ocean sea beds naturally chelates the minerals making RED CAL readily bioavailable. RED CAL® also contains added organic selenium, grape seed, yeast, and direct fed microbials.
Perfect pastures Article- PDF
It is fed FREE CHOICE, so it’s easy. And although you let them eat all they want, it’s economical too! As a guideline- typically a 25 pound bag will last from 100 – 200 days for one horse, but will vary depending upon each individual needs, including that of donkeys, cattle etc.
Perfect pastures Article- PDF
 Calcuim, Min. 13.5%
 Calcium, Max. 15.5%
 Phosphorus, Min. 0.10%
 Organic Natural Sea Salt, Min. 38%

 Organic Natural Sea Salt, Max. 41%
 Zinc, Min. 25 ppm

INGREDIENTS: Organic Natural Sea Salt, Ground Dried Grape & Seed Pomace, Calcium Carbonate, Yeast Culture, Diatomaceous Earth, Garlic, Montmorillonite, Thiamine Mononitrate, Selenium Yeast Culture, Distillers Grain, Mineral Oil. CONTAINS NO ADDED POTASSIUM OR COPPER VIEW RED CAL LABEL
 See: for more!

Keep Flies, Mosquitoes and Ticks Off! Click Here

Our Bug Check is formulated with ALLTECH's  Lacto-Sacc probiotics along with a new patent-pending dustless nano-pearl technology.
BUG CHECK will help reduce the fly population and help repel other biting insects by working inside-out… Naturally!
 We've always told you that if you've been disappointed with garlic you'll love BUG CHECK, and now with these new one-of-a-kind enhancements, it makes even more sense than ever before to provide the amazing and economical BUG CHECK! Since 2001 when we first introduced it and it won an award at Equitana, it has provided benefits to over 20,000 horses… 20,000 (and growing) horses can't be wrong!

The Bug Check "Field Formula" is designed for those that cannot top dress original Bug Check because they are not using our feeding program, don't feed grain, don't feed oats (our preferred feed) or for any other reason.
I received our first 25# bag of BUG CHECK Field Formula –the mares LOVE it!! Everyone enjoys a chomp- even the yearlings!! It must be working already as the black gnats are easing off on them and so far no flies!
 Expecting our second bag next week.
 Wish I had found you earlier but better late than never!!
 Suze S.

See: for more!


Discussing dehydration, electrolytes, fats, flies and much more!
IClick To Listen have a special presentation that I conducted at a past Equine Affaire that has been listened to and downloaded thousands of times. It is a live event so the audio reflects that but still the audio is very informative and helpful for you during the warm weather months no matter where you live, ride or travel.
 I discuss dehydration, electrolytes, fats, flies and much more!
 I hope during the next few days you will make the time to click and listen on the links in our Library for this presentation and others listed there including newly featured audios from recent events including the Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio!
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