Raida asks about melanomas in gray horses

Dear Dr. Dan:  

Two years ago we lost an 18 yr. old gray horse to melanomas.  Our other 15 yr. old gray horse has them all around under her tail.  The swellings around and under her tail bone seem to be growing.  I only feed oats as a supplement feed with bug check in it. Also started feeding your Bug Check Field Formula free-choice, but after the 1st week she eats very little of it. We try to feed brome or timothy hay with a little alfalfa in the winter.  She does have access to a small pasture with fescue in it.

Please let me know what you think, as she really needs some help.  

Thank You,  Raida  
P. S.  She also seems to have a lung problem as she coughs quite a bit when I ride her and seems short of breath.

Hello Raida,

Oats and Bug Check (Field Formula w/Red Cal) just really aren't enough. I do suggest the entire feeding program which includes our Just Add Oats and our Weight Check oil. The Weight Check oil will also make the supplements stick to the oats better too. (You are already using the Bug Check Field Formula that contains RED CAL and that's great)

Now for problem. …topically I would use our Grape Balm healer every other day or so. I would add our Aller Check to help support the lungs and the immune system. Also, with any such thing on the skin (holistically speaking) the body is trying to get rid of "something". Of course it can be anything and most likely cumulative over the entire life.. chemicals, vaccine foreign material, hydrogenated fats etc…. Our Health Check supplement will help the body accomplish this.

Of course do understand as I am sure you do that such issues are tough to deal with regardless. The above is only support, but is what I would do if this horse were mine.

Thanks so much for asking and do keep us informed.
Dr. Dan