Marianne asks about ulcer/colitis and our referral program…

Dr. Dan,

My Haflinger cross gelding Micah has ulcers (at least that is what the vet told me a few summers ago)  He has been looking poorly lately and now that the heat has set in he is colicky.  In Pain. Not eating and miserable.  What can I do? 1.  To get him out of pain? NaturallY? (NOW!) 2.  To help his system beat the ulcers? 3.  To keep him from getting the ulcers back? 4.  Why more in the summer?  Help!  Iknow you will recommend your feeding program.  I currently have him on Alfalfa hay, Bermuda grass hay and sweet feed 7 days per month with psyllium mixed in for prevention of sand colic(really bad here in the desert).

 I have 7 horses and use them for a ministry I do for a prison program.  My budget is pretty slim to start adding costly additives.  I am a believer in your info about feeding oats.  I will start feeding them as well…but honestly..I can't afford all the additives. I can easily add the RED CAL…but feeding Just Add Oats and the Oil is costly for 7 horses Dr. Dan.  Any other suggestions?  Could I use it every other day?  Or something like that?  What is a natural pain relief for my little Micah guy?  I am so worried about him.  Such a neat little horse. Please Advise ASAP!  Today is June 22 2011.  

Thanks for your help!! Have a blessed Day.
Marianne I.  
P.S. interested in the earning potential of the program as well could it really work?

Hello Marianne.

Anything you can provide from the program would be a start.

At the very least the RED CAL should be provided free-choice.

On the What To Feed Your Horse site (link below) there is an article called,
"Perfect Pastures" that will give you insight to colic and the relationship
to changes in weather and grass/field conditions (where grown) etc.
Lots of variables.

While there do read the "Salt / Mineral" article as well.

You can also view other responses about colic here:

The complete feeding program is the basis for a regimen to go against
all the challenges our horses face… and this is no different than with ulcers.
While no guarantees, it has has many. Read the comment about ulcers at the
very bottom of this page:

For pain… There is a homeopathic remedy called Arnica Montana (30 c) that can be
found at heath food stores etc.  I suggest the adult dose- 3 times a day. This may
provide the relief you are seeking for him.

When you are able— buying the at the qty discounts would be the most effective for you—
You could provide both Weight Check Oil and the Just Add Oats for less than 2.00 a day for each horse.

As far as our partner affiliate program— yes we have many that just share the good word about the products
that have worked for them and earn the monies to support the needs of their horses, pets and themselves.

I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers along with so many others facing challenges today.

Do keep me posted Marianne.

And thanks for asking.

Dr. Dan

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