Meredith asks about Equine Allergies…

I currently have 4 horses all running in the same pasture and barn area. 2 of them are rubbing their tails, manes, faces, and shoulders. One has little bumps all over her withers and shoulders. They have each rubbed themselves raw in places on their ears and faces. I have had several horses and have never seen this before. Do you think it could be allergies to pollen or bugs? What can we do!?  

Thank you,
Meridith F.

Hello Meredith,

One thing you'll learn about me is that many conditions are a cause of one's body trying to get rid of something.

You see, it really doesn’t matter what the horse IS allergic to. I have found that allergy tests ALWAYS turn out to be allergens that you can’t possibly eliminate from the environment.

The key is to detox and help the body get rid of junk from a variety of sources man-made and environment AND support the immune system.

There's things I don't know about your current situation, but I will go ahead and say get off commercial feed— this being the biggest sources of allergens overall.   My feeding program is the foundation to build upon.

If not done so already- see the first article in the magazine (link below) which is about allergies And the link below on What To Feed Your Horse. I deal with hundreds of allergy cases yearly. They are always allergic to everything per the previous testing (most have already been to the vet schools etc. Before I see them) they do great when you change the feed and properly supplement.

I suggest our Just Add Oats, our Weight Check oil and Red Cal as the feeding program. (at least provide the RED CAL – no blocks or rocks!) To support the detoxing- provide our Health Check and our then our Aller Check to support the immune system.

Of course our BUG CHECK should be provided— and don't be folled by the name- it is much more than just a "bug/fly" product with so much goodness and so economical it should be provided year-round.

Again, if not done so… I have lots more info online including the audios/videos/articles in the "Library" (link below) that you can review to further help make your decision.

I hope this info helps and I appreciate you asking.

Thanks Meredith!

Dr. Dan

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