Patricia asks a question about our Just Add Oats, probiotics and more…

If I am feeding Just Add Oats,  do I still need to add probiotics to my horse feed?  

I noticed today that this product contains microbials. Is that the same as probiotics?  

2)   When on a trail, my Arab Mare likes to stop and eat rotten oat leaves and grasses from mud puddles. even when fresh grass is right next to her mouth.

What is she trying to get from the mud???

At one time weren't allowed to use "probiotics" on labels (yea, i know!), rather microbials were required in place of. So, yes the same.

RED CAL would be a great alternative and will provide what the micro nutrients your horse is seeking in those mud puddles. Fed free-choice your horse will eat what it needs.

I have an audio called "Uncivilized Health" you can hear at

The montmorillionite clay talked about, is in RED CAL as well. You're gonna love the audio.

If you're not providing it you should. If you are take some with next ride… I always take a baggy full of RED CAL with me on trail rides.

Thanks for asking!