Shelly with a weight management question for her 1/2 Arab Pinto…

My 1/2 arab pinto has gained a little too much weight due to me feeding her a high fat grain.

I have since then reduced the amount and changed the type of grain to a less fat and partial pellet diet. She now gets only timothy hay instead of the alfalfa and timothy she used to eat.

However, she is still too fat and I don't want to starve her. I love her very much and want to find out more about the natural solutions that are available for my girl

Shelly H.

Hi Shelly!

If you haven't yet had the chance please review the information at:

There is videos/audios/articles and lots of them if you really want to do your due diligence. You will then have a lot of info you will want to share with others!!! 🙂

I really suggest you follow the feeding program to the "T"— especially  NO commercial/pelleted feed of any type.

OATs along with our Just Add Oats, Weight Check Oil (works for weight-on or weight-off issues)
and provide our RED CAL free-choice (no horse should not have RED CAL "available" to them!)

Our Bug Check is something that should be considered for added support— it is more than
"just" a "Bug product" and is very economical and recommended for year-round- just for all the
natural goodness that is in it.

Health Check for the added support of a strong "antioxidant" type product should be considered.
(If Needed- Joint Check is Health Check with added "helpful-to-the-joint-type" ingredients". The antioxidants
will help get rid of the junk that may have built up becuase of the commercial feed etc.

And consider our Gut Check supplement for a short while, to help get the gut and digestive system over-the-hump.

At the very least, you should consider the instructions/components of our feeding program to "Feed For Success"

Thousands have enjoyed a new horse following the above.

Also, if forage needs to be provided- Timothy is Ok.

Thanks for asking Shelly! Keep me posted!

Dr. Dan

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Don't forget our Pet & People products too!

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