Bob & Laura ask about 22 yr old horse w/ cushings

We have found out that an older horse of ours (22) has Cushing's.

He's always been a tough one to keep healthy, and since we switched to [your] Just Add Oats, Health Check, Red Cal and Bug Check, he has gone 4 years without foundering, scratches or some of the other maladies we've encountered over the years.

But, he just seemed to not be able to gain weight, wouldn't shed out completely and overall was rather lethargic. So now we have Cushing's to deal with. The vet gave him a steroid shot, and we've got him on some meds.

Any suggestions from your end?

Bob and Laura

First I have to ask before you didn't mention… Is he getting our Weight Check Oil too?

Also- the "regular" RED CAL  or Hi-MAG RED CAL ?

I suggest the "regular" RED CAL and use higher amounts of Weight Check Oil (up to 8 oz daily) for weight gain. 

I hate steroids and meds. The products you provide along with my suggestions is how I actualy handle cushings. Most actually get off the meds so…hang in there and thanks for asking.

Dr. Dan

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