Sharee asks about "Pelleted Feed for my Mare"

Dr. Dan,

I so appreciate all your products, right now I am a avid user of Bug Check and I find excellent results from it.

I was reading about [your] product called Critical Care IR/Overweight and although my mare is not overweight at all (she weighs 878 lbs) I ended up with additional questions. My horse, Rosee a Peruvian Paso mare gets fed a "bucket" of peleted food and supplements every night. She originally was on _________________ (commercial feed) and she was doing great, but I changed when she became stall bound due to an injury to her suspensory ligaments. I changed to ______________ (commercial feed) and have noticed that she is having an increase in dry skin on her face and near her mane. No additional supplements and oil has changed besides the pelleted feed.

I was wondering what you would suggest to do so she doesn't have the dry skin and flaking anymore? Thank you again for your time and your help and for your wonderful product.


Hi Sharee… the short and easy answer… 🙂

No commercial feed and follow the "Feed For Succes"s regimen at to a "T"!!!

Afterwards you can and should continue to provide our targeted support products like Bug Check, Joint Check etc. as they apply to your challenges. Bug Check of course is more than just a "bug" product and is full of natural goodness that should be provided year-round if not doing so already.

Thanks for sharing about Bug Check and appreciate you digging through our information and do the work to see what is best for you and your horse.

Thanks for asking!

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