Judy with some feeding questions for her horses…

Hi Dan: 

I have a couple of questions for you. Jim brought me your CD from the Ohio Equine Extravaganza and that might have answered these questions, but I can’t find it! It is awful getting old!  Anyway, sorry to bother you with something I might could have researched for myself, but I need your help.

I have two horses with the same problem, but not for the same reasons. They both need to gain weight. One is four years old and one is three years old.

First, the four year old. He is at Amy and Jason Stefanic’s for training and showing. He is being shown in the trail pleasure classes and is doing very well. He is a stud, but we have never let him breed. He is being fed a grain that Amy is having made in Kentucky, which seems to be equivalent to __________, which is what I feed.

He is super hyper. If he were a young boy, I would diagnose him as having ADHD and needing Ritalin. I believe that is why we cannot put weight on him. He is never still or calm except when he is being ridden. I have had bloodwork and a fecal exam done on him and he is in superior health, according to the guidelines they follow. I do not want to put him on a “calming” drug.

I would like to know if there is anything that might help him calm down naturally in order for him to gain some weight. One of the vets  said that he may have a “higher than normal” testosterone level, causing him to be so active. His coat is beautiful and his ribs aren’t showing, but we just can’t get him to gain any weight.

The second horse is a three year old who is extremely calm and going through what I call “the teenage years”. His sire is Remington East, whose offspring seem to go through this phase during their second or third year. He is also very healthy – ribs are not showing, but I cannot put any weight on him. He is being fed ___________ and I am also giving him a small amount of beet shreds, soaked in water. He has gained some weight since I started the beet shreds, but I am not giving him too much of those, since I want to be careful about feeding him too much.

I believe his problem is just a “growing” one, but I would like for him to put on a little weight without my having to overfeed him.

Any and all suggestions will be most appreciated.

Sincerely, Judy M.

Good to hear from you Judy!

First,  I would get rid of the beet pulp … it just "sucks" nutrition right out. There is an article on our website
About it in the library section of our website.

Second, I really hate commercial feed of any kind and especially the one you mentioned. Personally i lost a whole show season as a result of that product and given according to how they suggested to the "t". They weighed each horse prior and they went south fast when fed. Lost weight etc etc. 

Anyway, please go to www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com. I would follow the advise I have there to the "t" or at least as close as possible.  Pay particular attention to our Weight Check Oil.  Both of these horses should get more than maintenance (2 oz daily). You can give up to 8 oz daily. They will gain with it alone at the higher levels. They will not at maintenance level. 

Finally I would suggest our Bug Check. Many actually use it for calming.  I have actually gotten a number of children off ritalin with some of the ingredients therein so its funny you mentioned such.  Enjoy the articles, videos, cds etc. on the site. 

Thanks For Asking!

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