Bonnie asks for help "how-to" feed Bug Check

My question involves delivery system of the [Bug Check] product since it is so volatile even as top dress.  Summer is pasture only, no grain, etc for application of Bug Check.  I have resorted to peanut butter sandwich(on whole grain bread of course) which is a lot of bread in a week's time (dosing 8 horses). Input on free-choice this older compound mixed with oil in pastures ? Other vehicle suggestions?

Love the product results…downside is the dosing.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Bonnie- thanks for sharing your love for our products and especially Bug Check.

At the recent Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio I introduced a new Bug Check "Field Formula" that can be provided "free-choice". With this your horse gets the added benefits of RED CAL!

You can see more about it here:

One thing I suggest is mixing with a handful of oats and just a smidgen of the Weight Check oil for "stickability" and "treat" the horse to that.

Again thanks for sharing, supporting and for asking!

BugCheck Field Formula (25 lb)



Introduced at Ohio Equine Affaire! The Bug Check "Field Formula" is designed for those that cannot top dress original Bug Check because they are not using our feeding program, don't feed grain, don't feed oats (our preferred feed) or for any other reason.

*Now, with the new Bug Check Field Formula, it is now possible for EVERYONE to enjoy the benefits of not only our Red Cal, but Bug Check as well.


– 24/7 "Free-Choice"Choice Protection
– Additional Probiotics (includes Alltech's Lacto-Sacc probiotics)
– Additional Vitamins A, D, E
– Replaces Electrolytes
– Replaces Vitamin E Supplements
– Replaces Selenium Supplements (includes Alltech's Sel-Plex)
– Replaces Salt and Mineral Blocks with Organic Pristine Sea Salt and Organic Minerals

Field Formula Label- click here for larger view

To view the full-label online, click here.

Order Of Our Suggested Usage:

Top-Of-The-Line and Preferred Regimen:

– Our Feeding Program regardless!
( )

– Original Bug Check PLUS the "Field Formula" Bug Check. (Again this WILL ALSO REPLACE RED CAL) and provide extra 24/7 help with bugs, flies (enhance skin and coats too) etc.

"Next Best" Regimen:

– Provide our Red Cal
– Provide our Original Bug Check
– Adhere to our Feeding Program.

Next Regimen to consider:
– Provide our Field Formula Bug Check
– Adhere to our Feeding Program

The Regimen for those that don't provide any grain at all and just have field horses:
– Provide our Bug Check Field Formula.

*Note: If you provide Bug Check Field Formula, you will not need to provide Red Cal separately in normal conditions. Simply, if you want the very best and to provide extra protection because of allergies and "buggy" conditions, use the Field Formula.

Horses & Cattle (all classes): Feed free-choice continuously in buckets or mineral feeders. Consumption rate will determined by individual needs based on stage of growth, activity and performance. Typical consumption should be approximately 2 to 4 ounces per head per day. Alternatively, top-dress 2–4 oz per head per day per 1000 lbs.

Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Lhamas and other Camilids (all classes): Feed free-choice (typical consumption should be approximately 1/2 to 2 ounces per head per day). Alternatively, top-dress 1/2 to 2 ounces per head per day.

Additional Info: When first introduced, it is not unusual for animals to consume higher amounts. Always provide a good source of water. Rain and weather does not diminish effectiveness. Pour excess water off and continue feeding. For best results remove other forms of salt and salt/mineral blocks. One heaping tablespoon equals approximately 1 ounce.