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Hi Dr Dan, 

I run a small breeding program in Montana. It is normal practice up here for people to give yearly vaccinations and boosters of Rhino every 6 months. I have never been a big fan of worming or vaccinations so I would love to hear your recommended program for a small breeding program like mine. I have talked with another breeder who has a similar view and she usually does the recommended vaccinations for 3 years and then quits until the horse sells, then it's up to the new owner.

I also don't give any shots or wormer to my pregnant mares for fear of aborting the foal if there is an adverse reaction to the shot. My horses don't leave my property very often and I only attend about 3 shows a year with 1 or 2 of them so there isn't a lot of exposure to outside horses. They are all on your free choice Red Cal which they love.

They also get oats with a good multi-vit/mineral and probiotics. I also give them ground flaxseed when they aren't on pasture and use silver lining herbs to handle problems like poor fertility or sickness. I am about to order some of your Aller Check for a mare that seems to get a grass or pollen allergy every spring. She has swollen nostrils and swollen lymph nodes on her throat every year when the grass starts to grow.

So I am definitely a firm believer in boosting the immune system but would like to hear your recommendations on vaccinations for young growing horses.  

Thanks! Anna S.

We have about 200 personal horses with several stallions. We show, we trail ride… mares coming and going for breeding etc. Our horses are 4th generation vaccine-free. All the info in the library section more than likely you will find useful. (

Dr Dan

P.S You will find an article on "flax" too by the way….not my favorite choice for fatty acids. đŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for the reply! I just made my order for more RedCal and AllerCheck for my allergy horse, so glad I made the choice not to give her shots last year and this year. I gave her sister a 5 way shot last year and after watching her be partially paralyzed down the same side of her body as I gave the shot for about 3 days I decided not to give it to my allergy horse, it's still sitting in my fridge đŸ™‚ Don't think I will give any shots this year either!

I definitely see what you are saying about the flax and with our cool temps up here I haven't found a problem with the flax going rancid plus I always clean out my grinder after every use. Unfortunately I am not a big fan of soy after reading [an] article from our natural doctor. I am not sure what form your soy isin but I have stayed away from any horse products that use soy. What are your thoughts??

Ours is not soy. It is soy bean OIL (from the bean) and even GMO free. It took me 3 years to find the source I use now. (horses aren't people anyway). Regardless over a decade now of use has only given wonderful positive results to so so many.

Thanks so much for your support and for asking!

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