Diana asks about EHV-1; equine herpes virus (wants to boost immune system)

Dear Dr Dan,

Here in Colorado we have a local outbreak of the equine herpes virus at a nearby stable and wondered if you have any advice for prevention other than the usual vaccines which we prefer not to do. Might there by any herbal or homeopathic immune builders? Diana C. (ND, NMD) Longmont, CO

Hello Diana…

My best products for boosting the immune system outside our foundational feeding program of course (link below) is our Aller Check and our Joint Check supplements. Keep in mind that the Joint Check is much more than just "joint product" as it includes all the natural goodness of Health Check (antioxidants etc.) plus other ingredients- but Health Check alone is great as well!

As far as the feeding program… I do always suggest (and hope) that the RED CAL (fed free-choice) "at the very least" be provided. But, results are at their optimum when the program is adhered to 100%

I have to add that there is absolutely  no reason not to provide Bug Check year-round for all the natural goodness that it provides beyond just supporting the fight against "bugs" and their bite.

Of course there is no actual vaccine for EHV-1, but regardless I do not vaccinate unless required by law and I can appreciate your natural pro-active stance.

Nutrition is the key and my consistent message has always been to be pro-active… "a good offense is a great defense"… "be ready and be right- naturally"... "being proactive is being ready ahead of time". I've said it many different ways but the message is clear.

Thanks for asking Diane!

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