Glenn asks more about feeding program…

OK i have read your very interesting article and this itch does come on every year. At the start of winter. I believed it was from different grasses. I have tried not feeding as he is in 20 acres. But he looks distressed and looses weight.

Am not sure what to do now  



Hello Glenn and thanks for taking a look.

First, if you haven't yet, be sure to also see the link below that will direct you to our Feeding Program- this is the foundation on which to build upon. The Weight Check Oil is great for weight issues and nothing like our RED CAL. If you have seen this info, you have already seen that I prefer oats- and whole and rolled/crimped if they are "fresh". Otherwise the rolled and crimped tend to breakdown and possibly go rancid.

For the added support providing Aller Check and Bug Check to get the "targeted" condition under control and then just for daily maintenance and goodness afterwards is my suggestion.

Then our Health Check or Joint Check (the latter is Health Check with added "joint-type" ingredients).

I truly feel you would have a new horse with the above, just as many others have through the years.

I appreciate you considering and asking.

Let me know if there is something left un-answered by our sites etc.