Betsy asks questions for her horse, "Tricia" (asthma)…

Hi Dr. Dan,  I truly appreciate you being around to answer questions.

I am trying to use a process of elimination to find out what is triggering my horses asthma.

I have ruled out hay, mold in the barn etc.. I am now left with grass and heat and humidity. She had an attack in March 2011. It was 74 degrees in Illinois and she was put on grass all day.

With your Weight Check, Chinese Herbs, Vitamin C and your Hi-Mag Red Cal and her Advair, I had her breathing normally in 3 days instead of 3 weeks last year.

An attack happened to her yesterday— again the weather here was 80 degrees, 65% humidity, pollen was almost none existent but again instead of only keeping her on grass a few hours in the morning and a few in the evening, we decided since the grass is so very short, she has a large lien-two that she could graze all day. Do you think this is the grass? the hot temperature? or a combination of both.

I would truly appreciate your assistance at your convenience.

Thank you Betsy

P.S. Is it necessary to give them Bug Check and the fly spray or can I use one or the other?

Finally Something That WorksBug Check and our spray product-  "Finally Something That Works" are fine used together. Our Bug Check a superior product and should be provided by all means regardless of other.

I wouldnt worry so much about what is triggering it personally as when thousands of dollars of testing is done the tests always come back being allergic to things you cant possibly keep them away from anyway. I would focus on the immune system, getting rid of the "junk" in the body and not put more junk back in….. the approach below has helped hundreds if not thousands by now.

First only adhere to our feeding program and hay or grass ……. as all the info with regards to feeding program—  all you need supplements-wise of ours in addition to what you are providing now  is our "Just Add Oats" supplement and be sure that the Hi-Mag Red Cal is always provided free-choice.


Now, for immune support, add our Aller Check and for "extra antiinflamatory support" our Joint Check supplement ( Joint Check will also help het rid of whatever "junk" is in the system as it also contains all the ingredients from our Health Check supplement.)

I would stop all other supplements (all) including the vitamin c, chinese herbs etc.  Just not needed and may interfere. Personally I would ONLy use the advair in a dire emergency.

Thanks for asking and please keep me informed.

Dr Dan