Just Another "Bug Check" Testimonial…

Dear Dr. Dan,

I have no question. I just want to tell you what a phenomenal product Bug Check is for horse's with hives.

My mare who is now coming 10 years old would break out in hives as soon as the biting flies arrived. She started at age 3 and continued until age 7. I was at wits end…I even went so far as to power-wash the whole inside of my barn thinking maybe it was dust or mold causing it. Just on a fluke one of my boarders asked if we could put the horses on Bug Check. I researched it and figured it would do no harm and was especially happy that it was all natural.

Literally, within 3 days of putting my mare on the initial dosage her hives disappeared. I recommended your product to another horse owner who had the same problem with her gelding and she got the same results when she used BUG CHECK!

I tell everybody now whose horse suffers from hives to give your product a try. It is truly amazing and I am so thankful for your product.

Thanks for being a holistic vet…we need more like you!

Carolyn M.

I appreciate you taking the time to share so I can share with others. It is an exceptional product that I think no one horse should be without not just for the "buggy issues" but for natural goodness all-year-round! Thank you so much!

Reference to BuyBugCheck.com