Karin updates us on Paint Mare "Bo", comments on our feeding program asks about fertilizing/grazing…

Dear Dr. Dan,

I wrote to you a month or so ago and was switching my mare who has laminitis, arthritis and who had EPM also a few years ago….Well, at the time, she was pretty lame and I had her on a processed feed. You told me that she could have oats. She had been looking quite thin this winter and is now looking better with the oats/ Just Add Oats / Joint Check / Red Cal diet. I give her a lb of oats a day. Anyway, you asked me to keep in touch, as I was not convinced that I could switch her onto the Joint Check without digestive upset.

Well, it went really well, and her lameness improved after about 2 weeks….I have her in soft-ride booties, but I am just about ready to start weaning her out of them, as she is doing so well. I am very pleased, and I think in the long run, it may be less expensive than the processed feeds and certainly easier to handle.

I do have a question for you about grazing, as she is on pasture. It is divided into small lots, so I can monitor how much she gets. I like for my horses to live like horses, and so they pretty much have 10 acres to roam around on. Do you think that the grazing will be an issue for her, and how should I handle that since she has laminitis? Also, is it okay to fertilize?

I will be sure to check out "Perfect Pastures". Thanks again for your advise….. Karin M.

Thanks for the great update and comments Karin, So happy things are better!

Do not fertilize.. only use lime. I would just be cautious and gradually introduce to the grass. Start out with 15-30 minutes or so a day and work back up to full turn out (hopefully the later) ,

Thanks for asking!


Perfect pastures Article- PDF


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