Jean asks a Just Add Oats/Cushings question…

I have a 34 yr old who has been on cushings med for 5 yrs. He is doing great on your  Weight Check oil and Gut Check.

I want to see if I can switch him over to Just Add Oats without feeding the oats. If you do not recommend the just add oats, what vitamin and min supplement should I give. I have been using Select one, but use Just Add Oats for my other younger horse and would like to use just one supplement if possible for both. I also feed the both the Red Cal

love it all.


Absolutely Jean ….any horse can have Just Add Oats regardless of what else is feed. 

I also have dozens and dozens of cushings, metabolic, IR horses etc. that DO get oats by the way.. it is the most natural grain . The commercial feed, in my opinion, is part of the cause of cushings with all the junk they contain.

Thanks for asking Jean


Makes any grain mix complete- especially formulated for oats!

Contains biotin, calcium, choline, zinc, iron, folic acid, manganese, magnesium, lactobacillus acidophilus and more enzymes PLUS kelp!