Colleen asks about care for Hoof injury

Another horse struck at my horse and caught him right at the coronet band, taking a chunk of hoof about the size of a quarter. My vet, who uses many Natural products, treated and bandaged his wound, which I continued for 5 days. It is healing nicely and he doesn't favor it. However, the flies seem to congregate at the site, so I am applying Tri-Care. He gets oats with Just Add Oats X 2, Weight Check oil, along with Bug Check.

Is there any product I can rub on the hoof and coronet band area (I do have both Marigold and Grapeseed salve) that may speed up the healing and toughen the exposed hoof area, as well as repel the flies?

Thank you.

Our Grape Balm product. You won't need the tri-care.

If ever you have "fresh" wounds start with our Marigold product then follow with Marigold. At your point now, just start with the Grape Balm.

Thanks for asking Colleen!


Grape Balm Herbal Wound Healer