Heather asks about sunken flank, dull coat & no shots?

Dr Dan:

1) If a horse is sunk in at the hair swirl of the flank, what is causing this and what do you recommend? Horse is 25 yrs. old, good health, good coat, drinking good, good teeth, has all hay he wants to eat, good weight, but a little muscle loss(?) on top of butt from lack of work.

2) What are your thoughts on second horse with dry coat with no shine. Has no other issues.

3) How do you know if you are meeting your horses needs so you don't need to vaccinate?

Heather M.

I don't vaccinate personally for anything unless required by law…but as you probably already know I am not normal.

For the hair/coat issue, add our Weight Check Oil to the diet. It may help the 25 year old too.

I would also suggest our "Feed For Success" program at www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com for all the horses. Thanks for asking Heather!

Dr Dan