discussion with Kim. (she loves our products!)

Hi, I just starting using the RED CAL ,  Just Add Oats and Weight Check Oil feeding  program for our 2 horses and love it. However,  the question for this email is my friend is in Mexico (from US but there on extended visit) and her dog has worms. What can we recommend to expel them at this stage? FYI-she had him on Heartguard!!

Thanks in advance for your response on a product to recommend.

Kim B.

For sure nothing over the counter… it took me 3 years to find the right combination of ingredients for our product called Worm Check and was created for horses but people use it for their pet's health too.

Unfortunately I have tried to ship to Mexico in the past but with little success .. I would ask a veterinarian there as what types of worms it is— this is an important part of treatment and such may be specific to that geographical area.

Wish I could help more.

Thanks, I am not sure what type [of worms it is] but forwarded your email….

Also, just sent in our horse fecals for parasite testing [Worm Check Exam]… Will be ordering more products from your site!

My sister saw and spoke to you at Ohio Equine Affaire and we are fans!! I am in Massachusetts, she is in Evans City PA.
Thanks again, Kim

Thank You for your support Kim. I am glad I got to meet your sister.