Krista asks about mare's urine/pasture grass "burns"

Dr. Dan … This will be our fourth summer owning my daughter's Zippo Pine Bar bred Appaloosa mare, Hanna. Since we have owned her, I've noticed circular pattern burn spots to our pastures. I've not experienced this with any of the other horses we have owned. She also has loose manure when she's in heat. Blood work and a urinalysis didn't yield any abnormalities.

She gets 24 hour access to rotational pastures, and Timothy pellets, just enough to carry her Bug Check supplement (though I will be purchasing the field version and will discontinue the Timothy pellets). The only other supplements she has been on is a hoof supplement because she has bad feet with quarter cracks. I discontinued the hoof supplement last fall because it didn't seem to be helping enough to support the expense.

I also have a QH gelding, grulla, who is fed the same, except he gets paprika and kelp to keep him dark. We purchased him last fall, so I know the grass burns are not from him. They are both a good weight. I did just start feeding the Bug Check this spring, so I know it's not causing her urine problem.

Is there anything I can feed the mare to balance her urine pH? I know there is a supplement for dogs that contains yucca, but I did try feeding her 1 oz. daily of a yucca supplement last summer, and it didn't seem to help. Was I just not feeding enough, or should I try something else?

Help, please! She's literally killing my pastures!


Definitely stop the hoof supplement as mentioned. Other than ours- Most are way  out of balance anyway mineral wise.  I expect the Bug Check "Field Formula" will help get back in balance and may very well help the urine situation too.  But, I would also suggest our Hoof Check supplement.  You will have new hoofs and a healthier horse.

Keep me posted and thanks for asking Krista!


Hoof Check 3 lbs


Hoof Check 3 lbs. 2 months supply. Not just another hoof supplement!

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