Discussion with Pat about HYPP question and other concerns…

I met [you] Dr. Dan at the Harrisburg HorseWorld Expo in February.

On the way out of his lecture, I asked if he had any products for a Quarter Horse who has the genetic muscle diseases HYPP and PSSM. He mentioned two of his products, but I didn't write the names down and can't remember them. At the time, I checked the prices in your catalog and decided they were too expensive. However, the pills that have been very successful in preventing HYPP episodes in my horse have just increased in price (from $90 to $150 a month), which makes your products seem more affordable. Would you please email me the names of those two products? Thank you!

Pat O.

I believe wholeheartedly that our products are a tremendous value. Being pro-active with a quality regimen will save you money in the long run!  I suggest our whole feeding program (see: www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com ) ***Especially our Red Cal product.  There are many HYPP horses on this regimen.

Thanks for asking!

Thank you!  I want to use your Bug Check Field Formula but have to convince the other boarders whose horses are pastured 24/7 with mine.  Are you sure my HYPP/PSSM horse won't need medication (Acetazolamide) if he's eating your Bug Check Field Formula?

I of course initially suggested adhering to the entire feeding program not just Bug Check Field Formula.  If your horse is in with others I would suggest the regular/original Bug Check- not the field formula in this instance.

You just put the (regular/original) Bug Check directly onto the feed.. neither Bug Check nor any other feed or suppplement replaces medicine though.. please be clear on that… It is just that I personally don't use medicine nor ever suggest .

Our products are safe however with HYPP horses, as there is no added potassium. Don't expect them to prevent issues that medicine might…. totally two different aspects of hypp or health in general.

Also, if your horse(s) is/are getting the regular Bug Check onto the feed… the other horses don't have to be on it too for the needed results. Just fyi..

Again, Thanks for asking Pat