Rey asks about Bug Check for alpacas, camelids…

I would very much like to try Bug Check with our herd of alpacas. Have any of your clients used Bug Check with alpacas or other camelids? I see you have a recommended dose for sheep/goats, and I would guess that the dose for alpacas would be similar. Also, would any of the ingredients in Bug Check be considered toxic for camelids?



Bug check is totally safe and many use our Red Cal too..  of course Red Cal is best offered "free choice" …and for Bug Check give whatever it takes for control… 1/4 scoop up to a full scoop or more.. the whole bucket daily would only be healthy (it's much more than just a "bug" product). So economical and so full of goodness there's no reason to not provide all-year-round.

Thanks for asking!

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