Rebecca asks about her Yorkie with seizures

Dr. Dan,  Good evening!  

My husband and I saw you at the Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio.  We purchased Bug Check for his mare and have been using it for a week.  We have already seen an improvement in her coat and are very pleased.  

I am writing this evening because I have a Yorkshire Terrier who is four years old and he is having seizures.  I took him to my vet the first time, but by the time we got there it was over.  She believes that it was caused by low blood sugar.  We have cut out any table food except for eggs, oatmeal and some homemade vegetable soup.  He had a seizure in February.  We fed him an egg every day and he didn't have a seizure for six weeks.  He has had 3 since.  He seems not to have much of an appetite.  Even on days we feed him his egg, he eats very little of anything else.  

I am wondering if you have a supplement that might help with this situation.

I would appreciate any advice.  



Seizures, holistically speaking, are a form of "discharge"— The body essentially is trying to get rid of something. i.e  vaccine, chemicals, drugs, hydrogenated fats etc. etc.

My suggestion to help support a "detox" and not put more "junk" back in.

Specifically I would suggest a natural diet pet food. I prefer one called Innova I also suggest our Health Check or Joint Check supplements "for pets" to support the liver in this process. Joint Check contains all Health Check does with the added joint support if this is a need. I also suggest our Human product/capsules called Redoxx. One capsule per 25 lbs daily onto the food.(break open the capsules). I have seen good results with this plan of action nutritionally- if anything would help nutritionally this plan of action as I have seen good results in the past. Then for the future avoid those things I mentioned above that need to be discharged in the first place.

Thanks for the report on Bug Check and your support. Hope to see you again next year.

Keep me posted and thanks for asking!