Lynette asks about feeding and our new Bug Check "Field Formula"

Dr. Dan

I'm looking to feed Just Add Oats and to top dress the Red Cal/Bug Check field combo.  What amounts of each do I use, will I be able to use less of one as I am feeding both together?  I live in WI so when will I discontinue using the BugCheck in the fall?

Hello Lynette,

If I am understanding correctly you are basically wanting to adhere to the feeding program by
providing the Just Add Oats to your oats etc? If so, it is best to use Red Cal and JAO just as always
and supplement with the Bug Check- as opposed to the Field Formula that is designed to as an avenue
to provide Bug Check for those that are not feeding grain etc. for whatever reason.

Our suggested feeding program (and products) and the original Bug Check is the optimum regimen.

With the program RED CAL would be provided free-choice, all they want all the time. JAO= One scoop per 1000lb.
and Weight Check Oil (very important) 2 oz. per 1000 lb. Top-Dress an amount of Bug Check that gets your particular
situation under control and then maintain… preferably year-round. You see, there's so much "goodness" and it is so economical there really isn't a reason not to be pro-active and provide Bug Check year-round. It's more than just a "bug" product.

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I hope this helps answer your questions and I appreciate you asking.

Dr. Dan