Kim asks about heaves?

I have a horse that has breathing problems in the summer when it is hot and humid.  We had a vet out and he said it wasn't a heaving horse.  She always has big nostrails and just behind the rib cage it is always tight and she is struggling when she breathes.  What would you suggest doing with this horse?  

Thanks Kim S.

Hello Kim,

Boy sure sounds like heaves to me. Unfortunately I see a lot of this. One of the worst forms of allergies.

Joint Check  - 2lbs.

I would suggest our Joint Check product (lungs comprised of connective tissue as are joints). The Joint Check product is much more than just a "joint" product… you see it has all the ingredients of our Health Check which reduces oxidative stress stress ( has anti-oxidant properties) which in my opinion is a big part of heaves… it's going to help detox getting/keeping the junk out of the system plus you're getting the benefits of the joint/connective tissue support. Joint Check is a super product and I would provide at two scoops daily for at least two months to gauge results.

I would also suggest our Aller Check product for even more support in this situation.

Both of these for sure and even our Weight Check Oil should be considered. Weight Check Oil (provides omegas, gmo-free etc.) will help somewhat with keeping the weight on, which is often an issue in chronic heaves. Especially since they spend so much energy just breathing (best support in this situation would be to provide in higher amounts – see the label where it suggest 4 to 8 oz per day for gain and 2 oz per day to just maintain or lose weight.

Of course, Weight Check Oil is part of our suggested feeding program that you can see more about at …. I don't know what you are feeding currently but as you will see at the site… I suggest no commercial feed, no salt/mineral blocks and other suggestions.

Know that heaves are  a serious situation- as I noted one of the worst "allergies" there is.  With my earlier suggestions, if anything will help nutritionally- these suggestions possibly will and often have.

Thanks for asking and keep me posted Kim!