Beth with questions about our RED CAL (salt/mineral replacement)

I was trying to compare __________ mineral bag salt with your RED CAL bag salt.  What's the reason for the price difference.  I am trying to decide if I should change to your line of products so I'm doing a lot of comparisons.  Also comparing the Joint and Hoof supplements to the ________________ ones I am currently using.  



Hi Beth,

There is nothing like our RED CAL and thousands have found this to be true through the years. I don't know how deep you've ventured into our sites and other online information but the is a good place to start especially if considering RED CAL. The "Salt Wise, Mineral Poor" and "Perfect Pastures" articles that are linked to from the WhatToFeed link as well as being in the Mag and Library has valuable info. Plus there's videos and audios.

I don't know about the cheaper product, but RED CAL is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants like a lot of man made products. RED CAL is organic sea salt, colloidal trace minerals, calcium and herbs. It is balanced by nature, not by man. The pristine sea slat comes from the dessert that was once the ocean millions of years ago, the micro-nutrients are naturally chelated. I always say and believe that there's probably micro-nutrients that haven't even been discovered yet! I am so proud of this product and what it has meant to so many that provide it free-choice to their animals so they have all-they-want (need) all-the-time.

If considering RED CAL be sure to check out our new Field Formula version of BUG CHECK that also contains RED CAL and so much more natural goodness. Depending on what your desired feed is, this may be of interest to you. has this info.

I'm equally proud of all of our products including those you mention. They are just not me-too products, rather products that I put a lot of heart, soul and knowledge into. For this reason, I am comfortable in saying "Nothing else like it" for any of our products. If you give us a try I know you will see this too.

I hope this helps with your decisions. I appreciate you considering us when looking at what can be better for your horses.

Thanks for asking!

Throw Away All Salt and Mineral Blocks…
Make Red Cal Available Free Choice At All Times!

Our Red Cal supplement is a formulation and combination of calcium, micronutrients and herbs to help keep your horse healthy. It is FREE CHOICE, so it’s easy. And although you let them eat all they want, it’s economical too! Typically a 25 lb bag will last from 100 – 200 days for one horse but will vary depending upon the individual needs.

Did you know that salt & mineral quality varies greatly? Unlike most, RED-CAL™ is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants, it’s balanced by nature, not by man.

The minerals utilized are the finest available, with detail especially to purity and absorption.

You can expect stronger bones, muscles, ligaments and better performance regardless of discipline. We believe this is our finest product yet developed and your horse will prove it. It is OK to use along with any of our other products and for any horse, any age. Use year round for best results.

Additional Info: When first introduced, it is not unusual for animals to consume higher amounts. Always provide a good source of water. Rain and weather does not diminish effectiveness.]Pour excess water off and continue feeding. For best results remove other forms of salt and salt/mineral blocks. One heaping tablespoon equals approximately 1 ounce. One scoop equals 2 oz. (scoop not provided in 25 lb size).

Calcuim, Min. 13.5%
Calcium, Max. 15.5%
Phosphorus, Min. 0.10%
Organic Natural Sea Salt, Min. 38%
Organic Natural Sea Salt, Max. 41%
Zinc, Min. 25 ppm
INGREDIENTS: Organic Natural Sea Salt, Ground Dried Grape & Seed Pomace, Calcium Carbonate, Yeast Culture, Diatomaceous Earth, Garlic, Montmorillonite, Thiamine Mononitrate, Selenium Yeast Culture, Distillers Grain, Mineral Oil.


Hi-MAG FORMULA ALSO AVAILABLE! Same RED CAL formula but with 6% added magnesium. This formula is especially great for fat, overweight, "cresty neck" easy keepers, but also wonderful for any horse.

Available: 25 LB. Bag. (Free-Choice)

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