Lois asks me about Hoof Cracks…

Hi Dr.Dan , my horse has some awful cracks in his hooves and they are getting worse , they go up the hoof wall about half way, and I have him on biotin and using apple cider vinegar to get the bacteria out .

What else can i be doing ??

Hi Lois,

Best to work from the "inside-out" with hoof situations.

Personally, I don't like apple cider as it changes PH too much AND truth is that treating topical is not going to be an overall solution anyway though if prefferred,  our Grape Balm Hoof Healer products work well and is a start in the right direction. I'll also say that  biotin,  by itself, is s also useless. I would get this horse on our Hoof Check supplement asap and our Red Cal free-choice supplement.

Thanks For Asking! Keep me posted.