Lucy asks about endurance racing nutrition…

I have my horse on your feeding program… offering your Red Cal both top-dressed and free-choice, the Just Add Oats, Weight Check oil, and oats, along with the Health Check.

We are getting into endurance racing and the few events I've done have shown me some interesting things.

The last 30 mile race I mixed the oil, Red Cal, and applesauce in a syringe for before the race electrolytes and at my half-way "hold" electrolytes, and provided hay, water, apples, and carrots at the half-way hold. At around 13 miles (the hold is at 15 miles), he started getting anxious, bug eyed, and reacting to stuff he hadn't before. A friend had an idea to give him an apple when that starts happening cause he might have a sugar low. So after the hold, around the 27 mile mark, he started doing it again. I gave him the apple, and it worked! He calmed right down and started working like normal.

After the race, since we all had our hay and water laid out in a row, my horse went crazy for my friend's beet pulp. I know you don't like beet pulp, so I was wondering if you had a better idea of something to offer him at the "hold" and after the race that will give him whatever (sugar?) he clearly needs.

It seemed like hay alone was not cutting it. Otherwise I love your feeding program!


Thanks for sharing Lucy.

I would stop the other electrolyes.  The potassium in them is probably the  cause rather than sugar needs.  The apple may have just absorbed the potassium as did the pulp. Red Cal has  better  electrolytes than anything anyway.

You might try Weight Check oil and Red Cal mixed half way. Or "possibly" our HYDRAID product/supplement .. at shows I frequently mix such for a second wind in the championships etc.

Keep me informed and I appreciate your support (choosing to "Feed For Success" and asking these questions.

Hope you have a great season!