Elaine with questions about feeding, California soils and more…

Hi Dr. Dan:

My vet feels my mare should not have soy oil due to estrogen influence on her hard cycles..what is your experience with soy oil and mare hormonal imbalances with respect to ordering your oil? My 4 horses eat large quantities of the Red Cal (along with your Just Add Oats). I used it for 3 months and their consumption did not change. They are on a dry lot with good quality grass (and a little alfalfa). Basically I can't afford to order so many bags of Red Cal. A local equine nutritionist feels that the horses in California will never be balanced since our soils are so deficient such that adding the minerals to the feed daily is a "better choice". She feels that horses can't self regulate their mineral needs and often won't eat free choice minerals if they don't need the salt in the product.

Lastly, many new EFA products for horses are pushing fish oil. You are not a fan of Flax, but is fish oil better or safer?

Thank you so much for your opinion.


Thanks for asking and sharing with me Elaine.

As for California soils, I do have hundreds of clients in California and regardless of where you live a horse MUST have " free-choice" minerals…

Please read the "Perfect Pastures" article and the article on Salt and Minerals(via the magazine, library, or What To Feed website) And actually soy bean "oil" (Not the same as soy by the way) has been tremedous for many in hormonal issues. So….personally I would really try to get back on Red Cal and Weight Check oil.

Your horse will eventually get balanced out. Just way to many success stories with the before mentioned.

Again, Thank You.


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