Betsy asks about QH with asthma and about our products for her donkeys…

Dr. Dan,  My 19 year old QH has bouts with Asthma/Heaves in the Summer hot/humid months.  She is currently on Red Cal and Weight Check and will be placed on a chinese herbal formula that will take the place of western herbs that have been given over the winter months.  She was previously on Country Acres for a few years but we are now feeding whole oats since the beginning of 2010.  Will your product "Bug Check" interfere with the Chinese herbs?  

I also have a 6 year old donkey on weight check due to a cresty neck.  I have discovered thou that he also has what I would call "fat deposits".  Instead of his body being smooth, it has "rolls/waves".  Is this fat? Can you suggest anything? I cannot seem to find a reliable website for donkey nutrition can you help?



We have many donkeys on our products. Sure sounds like fat pockets they are so prone to metabolic issues, laminitis especially. I would highly suggest the entire feeding program for  both- which includes our Weigh Check Oil Just Add Oats and Red Cal (in your case I would suggest the "hi mag" version of Red Cal.

I would suggest Bug Check for sure and use what ever  amount needed to control the situation and it will not interfere with other herbs.  However if you added the Aller Check and the Joint Check your chances of needing the chinese herbs are slim to none. At least such has been the case for  hundreds and hundreds of others over the last decade. 

I would start all now too.. by the way the reason I suggest our Joint Check too is because of the connective tissue support (tissue like lungs are composes of), its tremendous ability to rid the body of past "junk" (big part of the cause of such) and the anti-inflammatory support. 

Thanks so much for asking!