Jean asks about a "calming" product for her mare…

Hi, I have recently been switching over to your products. I have an almost 27 year old mare and her almost 7 year old gelding, both rocky mountain. The mare gets totally freaked out when I ride the gelding, because she is alone. We have to lock her in a stall and she runs in circles pooping and peeing and trashing the hay I give her.

___________  has helped some with this, and I wanted to know your opinion of this product and if you all have something similar.

Jean K

Many use our Bug Check product as it is loaded with B vitamins and Grape Seed. Both of these ingredients are tremendous.  There is more B1 in one scoop of Bug Check  than any entire tube of "calming" type paste that I have seen, including the product you mentioned (we withheld name in the post) Bug Check  may just do the job for you. Of course, I suggest Bug Check "each and every day", but you might at least try a few scoops of Bug Check an hour or so prior to one of your rides.

Let me know how it works for you and thanks for asking!