what Sherry asks AND SAYS about RED CAL…

Hello Dr. Dan:

A friend recommended the Red Cal supplement to me for my three horses and one pony. No one would touch it. She said not to worry… just keep it out for them "free choice". She said she sees the horses go after it when there is a big weather change.

Voila. That is what happened. When a storm is blowing in, the horses tear into their buckets of Red Cal.

Is there an explanation for this behavior? I'm going to keep using it. It's the ONLY salt product any of my horses will touch at all.

Thank you.

Absolutely.! The article called "Perfect Pastures"  and the one on "Salt and Minerals" that is available in the magazine and other links http://WhatToFeedYourHorse.com and http://DrDanLibrary.com (as referenced below) explains the issue with potassium and why it is so important. Thanks for sharing and asking!

Dr Dan

Perfect pastures Article- PDF

I plan to contact the local TV station weather forecaster and tell him to come monitor the horse's RC buckets.  😉
I keep reading magazine articles that talk about forcing 2 oz per day of plain salt on horses…mine simply do not want that much salt no matter what the form.  I feel a little better knowing that they have something there they they will take when they need it.

Thank you Dr. Dan,