Lora asks… Where are your products manufactured?

Where are your products manufactured?

Depends on the product., but ALL in the US. Some our products are made 10 tons at a time. Others 200. Some specialize in pastes others ointments, liquids etc so…..everywhere from Florida to Kentucky to Wisconcin to Michigan…but again all in the US. 

Thanks for asking.

Thanks Dr. Dan.  Just what I wanted to hear, "all in the US."

My horses have been fed your products for five plus years.  My 30 year old plus mixed breed is fed Weight Check, Red Cal (a little with feed and free choice), Just Add Oats (fed with oats and a timothy/alfalfa pellet mash 3x day), Hoof Check and Joint Check.
My 17 year old Thoroughbred is fed Weight Check, Red Cal (a little on feed and free choice), Just Add Oats (with a timothy pellet mash 3x day) Health Check, and Hoof check.  Bug Check and Color Check for both seasonally. 

They are both thriving and just beautiful to look at.  They play all day long and you wouldn't know Jack was a senior citizen unless I told you.

I also use your grape seed and marigold balms when needed and your topical hoof products.
Love your products, web site, and to attend your lectures when I am able to. 

Keep sharing your knowledge with us, you are making a difference!




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