Donna shares about our feeding program and has a couple of questions…

I have been having great success feeding my 2 horses your program.

We have been on it going on 6 months but I am uncertain about 2 things and think about them every day…

1. My horses love whole oats but I understand they cannot digest the whole oat so alot of it goes to waste. What are your thoughts on this..should I be feeding them crimped oats or which type would be better.

2. My QH does not seem to eat the Red Cell so I am feeding him it every other day in hopes he will start eating it on his own. (he never used to eat salt either and I always have had to add it to his feed) The Red Cal I have out..i have a bucket hanging in each horses stall. I would like to put it in the arena/pasture area but sometimes theres alot of dust when they get to running around. I dont really want dirt getting into the red cell..what is the best way to free feed this? And if it rains in you just pour the water off and will whats left be ok?

Thanks for a great horses really shine, feel good yet seem to be more calm and think things through better.


Thanks so much for sharing Donna!

Actually oats are very digestable- crimped or whole.

Crimped are 6% more digestable nut once the hull is cracked they start going rancid so whole are better unless the crimpwd are only a few weeks old

As for Red Cal…  rain doesn't hurt at all. Just tip the bucket and pour off the rain. Never even have to wash the bucket. Just keep adding fresh. I, myself only put an Inch or so in the bucket though. I just hang with a hay string on a fence post. Some eat more than others . The key is to do as you do now… always keep it available regardless!

Thanks again for sharing your results and thoughts and thanks for asking these questions.

Dr Dan