answereing Pat's questions about her horses and dog…

I have moved and now have 4 horses ranging from 23 to 25 years old.

I am feeding them rolled/steamed oats which are processed at a mill in NC. Our soil here is VERY RICH IN IRON (years ago iron ore was mined here). I have supplemented with Triple Crown 30 for a couple of months. Before this, they were all on Vita Royal formulated by Lindsey McLean and I used her mineral mix. I can no longer afford this feed, so I have moved to the oats and need a supplement to add to them.

What would your recommendation be?

Now, a canine question. I have a part Aussie/Brittany mix who sometimes has a "quivering" in his limbs — sometimes after running and sometimes not having done anything. He has been on "the honest kitchen" diet which is "dehydrated" food with no additional supplements, except krill oil (human grade — 1000 mg/day). Western medicine has nothing to offer me, and he has not realized any benefit from acupuncture.

Thanks much!
Pat H.

Our supplement called Just Add Oats is ideal! It is also not high in iron either. 

I would consider adding as well our Weight Check Oil and offering our Red Cal "free-choice" too. explains all the"whys". Thousands are on the program… Because of age, you might also consider our supplement called Joint Check (Horses) and our Joint Check "for pets" for your dog.

Thanks for asking Pat.  Looking forward to your positive comments after using the above… you will see the difference and they will feel the difference!