answered Sherle, who asked about bugs, guts, joints and more…

I have a 18 yr SSH gelding, that I used to trail ride him but now we are doing running events (3 to be exact), and wanted to know what bug repellent, gut health, vitamins, and joint supplement that you have for him.

He has always been healthy, and wanted to find something to keep him on the least amount of containers of supplements as possible for everything I listed below.

Thank you.
Sherle K.

FinallySomethingThat Works (1)

I would follow our "Feed For Success" program to the "T".  It has the vitamins, minerals, essential fats needed. Go to for great info and explanation. 

For added "joint" support our Joint Check formula.  It also has tremendous antioxidants etc. In fact based on Usda lab study it would take 11 buckets of carrots and apples to equal 1 SCOOP "Antioxidant-wise". The joint ingredients are also like no other. There is even a video on the product as why it is awesome.

Unless your horse has had gut issues before, our Gut Check product will not be necessary. But if so then Gut Check.

As for the bugs,  our Bug Check works from the "inside-out" … is full of probiotics etc. and tens of thousands have benefited for over a decade.  As for a spray product- our "Finally Something That Works" product  is all-natural and repels well, but most will not  need if providing Bug Check in the first place, but great to have on-hand.

Thanks for asking Sherle!