answering Karen's questions about her 10 year old mustang's allergies…

Dr. Dan, I have a 10 year old Mustang who is allergic to the tiny bitting flies. He rubs out his mane, tail and looses fur on his face and chest. He was new to us last year in the early summer so we had no opportunity to do anything preventative for him. He was a mess and miserable. He is on Just Add Oats and Weight Check and he also gets free feed Red Cal and salt blocks. What else can we do? Bug sprays don't work and Spot On did nothing.

Any helpful information would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Karen W.

First get did of the salt blocks as they are counter productive to everything. Just be sure Red Cal is provided "free-choice" so they can eat all that they need when they need it..

I would also start on our Bug Check asap at 2 scoops daily. When you see results you can cut back some, but even if you have to give more it will only be healthy.  See how that does. You may need to add Health Check to help support detoxing all past "junk" in the system.  The Aller Check would also support the immune system. Do this and expect a new horse. 

Also topically our "Finally Something That Works" spray will help the skin. It doesn't "kill" flys but helps keep off and helps the skin. Also on any skin lesions the Grape Balm ointment is helpful to say the least.

Thanks for asking Karen.