Lisa asks about her Horse not drinking enough water…

My 17 year old Cleveland Bay/TB cross mare is not drinking enough water.  She is on a commercial feed, Joint Check (she was previously on Health Check), Weight Check Oil (she was previously on H2O Oil), Bug Check, and has Red Cal in her stall as well as in her pasture.  

She has had two bouts of slight colic in the past six weeks and my Vet tubed her both times.  I added Red Cal directly to her supplements and grain, and my barn manager did not see any increase in her drinking.  My Veterinarian then suggested I add "Assure" to her supplements and grain, but after two weeks there is still no increase in her drinking.  I use my mare for pleasure riding only and she is ridden or lunged at least five/six days/week.  

She seems fine  (gum color good and skin pinch test just ok…..) but again, there has been a significant decrease in her drinking and of course there has been the dry manure and subsequent slight colics.  It has been suggested that I try beet pulp or another product Quenchthirst or something similar in name. I believe it also has beet pulp in it.  Any suggestions?  I have put a call into my Vet who has suggested blood work on her.

With all the excellent supplements I am giving her along with the Red Cal, I am frustrated that she has this problem.  We live in Aiken, SC. Any input would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.  Lisa M.

Hi Lisa,

Stop the commercial feed "junk"… its counterproductive to everything else. I suspect if you will follow the advise at to the "T", your problems will probably go away.  All you need to do is switch to oats and add the Just Add Oats along with what you are giving now and no longer give commercial.  
Be sure the Red Cal is available free choice at all times. you might consider our Hydraid for awhile to get her over the hump but please NO beet pulp. it too is terrible and only sucks the nutrition right out.
I would also suggest Gut Check at least for a tub or so, again to get over the hump, gut wise.
If you are feeding by any chance coastal hay, also please switch to something that is not so fine stemmed. timothy, orchard grass is perfect just not bermuda or coastal.

Thanks for asking!


Thank you for your response to my inquiry.  My horse had been on oats and Just Add Oats but I switched to a commercial feed less than a year ago.  I still add a tiny bit of the Just Add Oats to the commercial feed.  I will get her back on oats TODAY and order up some Gut Check.  She is not on bermuda or coastal hay so good there.  We're also soaking her hay.  I appreciate your taking the time to answer.  I used to see you at Equine Affaire in Springfield every fall but since moving to SC over three years ago I haven't been to any shows.  It was there I first was introduced to your products and had the chance to talk with you about how they work.  Stupid me for going back on commercial food…….!!!