Sally asks about her Quarter Horse: "High strung on Oats"???

Dr Dan, My horse Gusto is an apprendix racebred QH barrel racing horse(streaking- six).  He has been high strung/nervous since the day I bought him and I need to constantly manage this trait.  Last summer I converted my horse to oats with supplements and flax/rice bran oil mix, after using TripleCrown Low starch feed, to try to imrove my feeding program and his overall health.  (He doesnt keep weight on). I left him on the oats for about 4 mos.  He went crazy, bouncing off walls, etc like he drank 10 cups caffeine.  Do you have any recommendation to substitute oats or any recommendation at all.

I do believe it was the oats because when I removed them, he did alot better. I still want to get him off the commercial feeds. Secondly I am now supplementing him with Platinium performance.

Can you address why that may not be a good supplement.    

thank you so much.

Sally W.

Yes indeed. I still suggest oats and with the RIGHT supplements you will have a new horse that is not hot!!!

So… Let's stop the rice bran, (can pull calcium out of the bones), stop the flax (not fit for man or beast in my opinion-see the article on our site library section), stop the low starch stuff full of hydrogenated fat etc (hydrogenated fats are killing us and our horses). follow the advise at to the "T" and you will have a new horse. Oats when properly supplemented will NOT make them hot and quite honestly I have thousands and thousands of horses on such  to prove it. It actually is a low starch diet too. I would consider adding our  Joint Check formula too based on the barrel racing.

Enjoy a horse new horse Sally!!

I don't really compare other supplements directly but you simply won't need anything else other than what is suggested here and at the To summarize: switch from the same volume of feed now giving to same volume of oats. To the oats add the Just Add Oats supplement and Weight Check oil (your horse since he is hard keeper can get up to 4- 8 oz instead of typical 2 oz maintenance). Make Red Cal free choice a all times. (All this is on that site).

Thanks for asking Sally!