Kimmi, for their dogs, asks about PRA, kidneys, skin growth and thyroid

Hi Dr. Dan!  

I'm wondering two things:  1. What do you recommend food and supplement-wise for dogs who have been diagnosed with PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) and have clouding of the eyes but appear to otherwise still be able to see pretty well in the daytime?  2. Do you believe there's a relationship between kidney and eye health?  3. What do you recommend for a dog with very low thyroid numbers in a blood screen?  He does not exhibit any typical symptoms (lethargy, weight gain, etc.)  4. Who, exactly, would you take your dog with a skin growth to?  I don't care where the doctor is, I will take our dog there.  I need a specialist referral please!!!

I would suggest a product that we have for people called Redoxx. It may help support both the retina and the thyroid. I would give 1 capsule per 25 lbs body weight daily. Divided or all at once is fine even or break the capsules open onto the food. I think all parts of the body effect each other. As for a specialist I wouldn't. Holistically speaking when you have growths on the skin that you biopsy or remove generally leads o more issues anyway. The reason is that homeopaths and most holistic vets would feel that as the body is trying to "get rid of" something through the skin (the bodies largest organ often forgotten), removing such only confuses the body more and leads to deeper more serious issues.

Personally I would try to assist the body as opposed to confuse. I would suggest our Joint Check supplement for pets as a super potent antioxidant formula as well as the "joint aspect" ingredients may help the skin overall too as such tissue is all integument type any way. Our Aller Check for immune support is highly suggested too.  I would also suggest our Omega Coat Check Oil supplement for the fatty acids etc.

So…. that's my opinions ..hope they help your pet as they have many.  Of course having the pet checked locally regardless of if u follow conventional type treatment would always be best. Once abnormal growth has started anything can happen. It is just impossible to say much else without seeing, touching feeling etc.

Again, thanks for asking Kimmi!

Dear Dr. Dan,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful (and quick) response!

We are wondering if you're still a practicing veterinarian and if you are taking new clients.

Thank you!

Scott & Kimmi

Actually I practice everyday doing my best to help folks like yourself. As for an "actual" hospital, I sold them both back in 1991 and have gone down this more natural path ever since. Thanks so much for asking! 🙂