Mary with questions about 5 yr old mare with lots gas & loose stools

Dr. Dan – I have a 5 yr old mare with lots gas & loose stools.  She is feed small amount of oats with Red Cal & Just Add Oats.  I also give the Weight Check oil.  I provide free choice Red Cal and hay plus plenty of fresh water.   Worm check is also given monthly.  She has exhibited loose stools & gas for some time.  She seems healthy with no outward signs of illness.  While her stool is not diarrhea it is loose and often makes a mess in her tail. My gelding, fed the same, is doing just great.    

I am new to horse keeping and want to make sure I'm handling their care correctly and that is why I've chosen to use your products.  

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Mary M.

Thanks for asking Mary. At least for now I would add for support the Gut Check supplement.  Let me know how all is going in a month or so. She may be trying to get rid of something in the body with the loose stools too (past meds, heavy metals from vaccines etc) so u also might add the Health Check for supporting the liver in detoxing. It is an awesome blend of herbs that has many benefits besides just being a super potent antioxidant.